Authors Patricia Reads

Young Adult

  • Laurie Halse Anderson: I like the way she nails a teenager's angst, tackling difficult subjects head on.
  • Anthony Horowitz: A young client suggested the Alex Rider spy series, and he was right. When I don't have time to read, I pop one of Horowitz's CDs into the car stereo for my drive to work.
  • Stephanie Meyer: I think it's the romance that catches me, but the way she weaves details throughout the story and pulls it together makes my head spin.



  • Lori Armstrong: Set in western South Dakota, her Julie Collins series is action-packed and a fast read. Oh, did I mention she's a Shamus Award Winner and member of our own Black Hills Writers Group?
  • Nichole R. Bennett: Nichole was one of my first critique partners. I enjoy her witty humor, both in person and between the pages. Grab your beverage of choice and guess "who dunnit" as Cerri and He Who Waits team up in Ghost Mountain.
  • Karen Hall: She breathes life into her characters and settings with such clarity that you hate to stop reading, even for a minute. I'm honored to call her friend and highly recommend Unreasonable Risk and the upcoming Through Dark Spaces.
  • Bonnie Ramthun: Talented in both adult and youth suspense novels, Bonnie is an engaging speaker for writers groups and readers alike. Check out White Gates, a Junior Library Guild award winner.


  • Julie Garwood: A friend loaned me one of her novels and now I'm addicted to gallant Highland warriors and spunky heroines.



  • Michael Bellomo: author of the bestseller Microbe: Are We Ready For The Next Plague?
  • The Bible: a great daily read and the original model for every story ever told. Like Solomon said, “There's nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9
  • Smithsonian Magazine: I love the global variety of history, people, cultures, and events. One of the few magazines I read.

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