What is The Other Side: Rebellion Night?


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She left home to find her brother....and stepped into an American Rampage.

When the aftermath of a bioengineered plague spirals the economy into meltdown, panicked citizens blame fundamentalist Christians for unleashing the disease. Tracy, an eleven-year-old runaway trapped in the resulting riots, escapes with a group of strangers to a mountain refuge. She trains in martial arts and her exceptional skill is tested when she returns home at the age of seventeen.

But Silver City isn't home any longer. Mercenary guards protect the wealthy city and thwart Tracy's attempt to breach the perimeter. Forced to enter the slums—dubbed The Other Side—she joins a women's gang. Her trials with first love, her own self-doubts, and a vicious drug lord bring Tracy to a terrible decision: should she follow the Voice that urges her to reveal her Christian heritage and face certain death? Or go it alone to hunt the elusive drug lord who has vowed to kill her friends?

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