What is The Other Side: Redemption Knight?

Tracy's return to Silver City, her childhood home, promises wealth and glamour But first she must deal with smothering layers of guilt: over the heartache she caused her parents, over a holy man's death and, even more troubling, the fact that she abandoned her friends in the Other Side to a psychopath's wrath. She barely begins to heal when past deeds ripple forward in the form of Shane Larouche, notorious warlord of the O.S. Knights. He plans to take Tracy hostage, but many forces are interested in her—and all that she represents.

A deadly showdown exposes the Source of Tracy's martial arts expertise, and her value on the black market skyrockets. Together, predator and prey must confront age-old truths: God's gifts are given for a reason, and more than wealth sparkles in Silver City.

Evil glitters, too.

© 2010 Patricia G. Griffin
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