Meet Patricia Griffin

Patricia Griffin, member and past president of the Black Hills Writers Group, has written since her youth. She later received the Rapid City Fine Arts Council Creative Writing Award and has recently completed her first novel, The Other Side: Rebellion Night, available March 2011. The sequel, Redemption Knight, is scheduled for later this year. The “Voice” in both novels stems from a vivid encounter with the Holy Spirit on the night a gunman threatened her coworker.

On a lighter note, Patricia’s heritage of one-third resilient South Dakotan, one-third Texas rebel, and one-third bulldog makes for a diversified life. Throw in the twin traits of a Gemini and you have a woman who dances the two-step and jitterbug, clogged briefly, and performed eleven years as a soloist and troupe member of the belly dance group Enchantress for summer festivals and conventions. Her training on clarinet eventually led to playing the baritone saxophone, as well as alto and tenor sax.

Patricia currently resides in the Black Hills and continues to play (one can’t call it work when it’s so much fun!) as a career cosmetologist and writer.

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