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Welcome to post-apocalyptic America and the world of a modern teen trying to survive without her family. Tracy’s story offers the bare-knuckle reality of life, a journey traveled in the shadows of a faith she doesn’t quite trust. Sound familiar?

Take a peek inside as the white gloves come off, the trials begin, and Tracy takes her first steps toward The Other Side.



Patricia Griffin's 'The Other Side: Rebellion Night' is not only a deep tale of a woman's relationship to God; it's also a timely reminder of how fragile our high-tech world is when it comes face to face with a new killer microorganism.

Michael Bellomo, author of the bestseller
Microbe: Are We Ready For The Next Plague?

Wow! I became so emotionally involved with the characters in the story…it brought me to tears. Even my boyfriend was reading along with me...“Tracy” and “Astro's” relationship was very similar to ours. That is one of the best parts — your characters are relatable, and the story realistic and believable. I've been doing a lot of reading the past few years, and your book is up there with the best. I CANNOT WAIT! until the next book is finished. Anyone who likes the Twilight series would love your book...

— Bethany H., age 21
Denver, Colorado

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